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What's the first step to getting chiropractic care? In order to find out if Chiropractic might be able to help you, it is important to schedule a consultation with the doctor to discuss your case. A consultation is always free. From that point, the Doctor will decide if an examination and x-rays are warranted. All fees are explained to you before they are incurred.

I've never been to a chiropractor before. What do you do? During your examination, we look at (among other things) your overall range of motion, the motion of your individual joints, and most importantly, your posture and the structure of your spine on x-ray. If it is found to be appropriate, we start by getting you as symptom-free as possible by restoring the function of your spine to as near normal as possible. The next, and most important, step is to return the structure of your spine to as near normal as possible.

Why are skeletal function & structure important? Let's start with the function of the spine. Anytime you have two bones that come together they form a joint. The purpose of that joint is to provide motion. Sometimes, for one reason or another, joints stop moving or functioning correctly. This can be due to injury or improper mechanics from bad posture. The first step is to restore this function. Spinal Structure: Think about the wheels on your car. They were designed to be in a specific alignment, correct? If these wheels are out of alignment long-term, this can lead to undue wear and tear on the tires, and eventually to the car itself. The bones of your spine were designed to be in a specific alignment as well. Left uncorrected, poor spinal structure has been shown by science to lead to accelerated degeneration and stress to the nervous system. This is in addition to the symptoms you are already feeling.

What makes Lindell Chiropractic unique? Traditionally, the goal of chiropractic care has been to take care of the first step, improving function to get you out of pain. The next step is to work to correct the cause of that improper function so it is less likely to return. By using a technique called Chiropractic Biophysics we work with you to return the spine to as near normal as possible. We do this through the use of specialized adjustments, exercises to retrain the musculature to maintain proper posture, and individualized traction to mold the soft tissues around the spine to as near normal as possible.

Is this type of care for everybody? No. There are some people who we can not help due to the nature of their case. This is why the consultation and examination are so important to rule out any contraindications to care. Also, this type of care is only for people who are committed about improving their health for the future.

If you are committed about improving your health, call Lindell Chiropractic today at 650.940.1900